Exploring the Soruth (Junagadh) Map

In our previous post, we introduced the blog and shared my passion for collecting Soruth stamps. Today, we dive deeper into the significance of the Soruth map and how it serves as a valuable reference in our philatelic endeavors.

Map Description:

It's important to understand - Saurashtra, was formerly known as Soruth (Sorath), which was formerly known as Junagadh. Hence, my starting search point is different maps of Junagadh state. 

Importance in Philately:

Maps are essential tool for collectors, presents a visual representation of the region. It depicts the boundaries, landmarks, and territories. It serves as a key reference when examining postal covers and cancellations. The map helps us analyze cancellations, postmarks, and other postal markings, enabling a deeper understanding of Soruth's postal system.

Map Variations:

While researching the Junagadh state map, you may come across different versions or variations. These variations could stem from different editions or updates over time. Exploring these differences and their implications adds another layer of intrigue to our philatelic research. I will keep updating maps below which I come across in my search and find useful. Remember, each stamp tells a unique story, and the Soruth map is our guide to uncovering those tales. Happy collecting!

Map is useful to understand more form the current India context. Afer India’s independence in 1947, 217 princely states of Kathiawar, including the former Junagadh State, were merged to form the state of Saurashtra on 15 February 1948. Initially, it was named United State of Kathiawar, renamed to Saurashtra State in November 1948.

On 1 November 1956, Saurashtra was merged into Bombay state. In 1960 Bombay state was divided along linguistic lines into the new states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. The territory of Saurashtra, including Junagadh and all of Soruth, became part of the state of Gujarat.

Map of the Junagadh State Kathiawar . . . 1938-39
Junagadh State Kathiawar . . . 1938-39

Found above map on RareMaps.com , this will be super useful map, as it provides much details about different towns and places.

Junagadh State 1913
Junagadh State 1913

Another siplified map of Junagadh State from 1913. This, I believe, will be more useful to begin with.

Kathiawar Map 1878
Kathiawar Map 1878

I like this map since it's the only one I've found that depicts the region labelled "Sorath." 

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